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Buffalo News: Kids can be kids at Sweet Charlotte’s

“It is a warm and welcoming place. It was not overwhelming for my baby like some play places can be. It is a relaxed atmosphere, no loud noises. Ultimately, I left the final verdict up to my 3-year-old, Emma. Even after about an hour and a half, she did not want to leave. She worked her way through each room, playing with a variety of toys; from Legos to doll houses to a play kitchen. Sure, we have most of those toys at home, but, this is a place where she can meet and play with other children. She did just that, too. A few other girls her age were there to play, too.”

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Molly O'Malley Pitman at Sweet Charlotte's

WKBW News: Love without Words

“BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — Geared towards ALL children, Love without Words tells the story that love is truly active and can be demonstrated in all of our interactions; love is greater than just three words.

“It is a book written with all children and families in mind, but to further support autism awareness, a donation will be made to autism awareness with every book sold.

“Author Molly O’Malley Pitman is the mother of two children, a boy and girl. Her son who has autism gave her the opportunity to truly appreciate the significance of communication. It was when her children’s own relationship began to evolve that she started to see an even greater love that cannot be expressed in just three words.

“Molly’s business Sweet Charlotte’s is a play center for kids with all abilities and challenges.

Love without Words can be found at Sweet Charlotte’s or on Amazon.”

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